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March 19 — Joseph, Guardian of Our Lord

March 19 – Today, the Church commemorates Joseph, guardian of our Lord. All that we know of Joseph we learn from the first two chapters of the Gospels according to St. Matthew and St. Luke. He is mentioned only in…

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December 28 — The Holy Innocents

When Herod saw that he had been tricked by the wise men, he was infuriated, and he sent and killed all the children in and around Bethlehem who were two years old or under, according to the time that he…

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NOVEMBER 20, 2017

I do not cease to give thanks for you as I remember you in my prayers. [Ephesians 1:16] The readings for Christ the King Sunday, or the final Sunday of the church year, are as follows: ·   Ezekiel 34:11-16, 20-24…

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