Holy Week, Hoodies, and Health Care

As we enter the holiest week of the church year, our country has witnessed two controversial dramas unfold that demonstrate how divided we are and continue to be as a nation and as a society. On February 26, 2012, an unarmed 17-year old African-American male wearing a hooded sweatshirt was shot to death in aContinue reading “Holy Week, Hoodies, and Health Care”

The Prettified Manger

I learned a new word today – prettify.  “Prettify,” according to an on-line dictionary, means, “To make pretty or prettier, especially in a superficial or insubstantial way.” I came across the word in a reflection I was reading as part of my daily devotion.  It was used in reference to the manger scenes that becomeContinue reading “The Prettified Manger”

The Prophetic Significance of Occupy Wall Street

I can’t help but think during this Advent Season of the voices of the biblical prophets and what influence, if any, they exert in the protests of the Occupy Wall Street Movement.  From all I gather, this has been pretty much a secular movement, yet firmly rooted in the moral, ethical and spiritual principles ofContinue reading “The Prophetic Significance of Occupy Wall Street”